Thyroid Eye Disease

Treating Thyroid Eye Disease with Personal Compassion and Care

At Kahana Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery, we pride ourselves on being on the cutting edge of surgical and therapeutic treatments for thyroid eye disease. We have unique knowledge, skills and passion for treating this disease.

Non-Surgical Treatments

We offer the latest non-surgical technologies, treatments, and a deep understanding of this particularly dreadful disease process.

Surgical Treatments

The extent of surgical rehabilitation is customized and patient-specific. Coordination and proper sequencing of surgical intervention is key to promoting good outcomes

Daily Management

Living with thyroid eye disease can be challenging, stressful, and uncomfortable. Our team is here to help you manage this disease in day-to-day life.

Anti-Inflamatory Diet

Patients who suffer from auto-immune inflammatory conditions, such as Graves disease, lupus, sarcoidosis, etc., need to be very cognizant about what they put into their bodies.

Non-Surgical and Surgical Treatments

We are a destination clinic for patients from throughout the Midwest and beyond, offering the latest surgical and non-surgical technologies and a deep understanding of this particularly dreadful disease process.

Treatments include:
  • Non-surgical therapy
  • Orbital decompression surgery
  • Upper eyelid retraction repair (blepharotomy)
  • Lower eyelid retraction repair with or without ear cartilage graft

Dr. Alon Kahana, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Kahana has taken special interest in thyroid eye disease throughout his career, having performed research on the molecular underpinnings of this complex disease.

Dr. Kahana is an internationally renowned expert in orbital and ophthalmic plastic surgery.

The providers and staff at Kahana Oculoplastic and Orbital Surgery are known for the care and concern they show toward their patients before, during, and after each procedure. Part of our commitment to innovation includes the opportunity for our patients to participate in clinical trials of novel medical therapies for thyroid eye disease. We also host regular patient-centered forums that help educate, engage and support patients and their families.

Don’t Hesitate to Get in Touch

The team at Kahana Oculoplastic Surgery specializes in the treatment and management of thyroid eye disease.

Educational Videos

Orbital Decompression Surgery Video

Management of Dry Eyes and Eye Discomfort in Graves’ Disease

Patient Thyroid Eye Disease Testimonial: LaQuilla

Emotional Impact of Thyroid Eye Disease

Pre-surgery I had many questions which Dr. Kahana answered patiently and thoroughly. The surgery went smoothly and I'm very satisfied with the results. The entire staff is friendly and caring.
- Joe G., Healthgrades Reviewer

Don’t Hesitate to Get in Touch

We are oculoplastic surgeons specializing in orbital disease evaluation, management, treatment, and surgery, including thyroid eye disease. Each patient’s needs are very unique and require an individualized approach to treatment.

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