Videos and Articles

These resources range from educational articles and videos to pre and post-treatment guidance.

Preparing for Your Appointment

A checklist of a few documents and pieces of information that will save you time during your appointment.

What to Expect Before and After Surgery

Helpful information that covers the full process of your appointment, from scheduling to post-treatment guidance.

Read More Articles

Additional helpful informational blog posts specific to our treatments and also general health articles.


These educational videos will help you better understand the various oculoplastic and orbital surgeries we perform.

Non-surgical Management and Risk Factor Control of Thyroid Eye Disease

Dr. Kahana on Post-Op Care

CO2 Laser Resurfacing


Ptosis Repair

Eyelid Lesion Surgery

Entropion and Ectropion Repair

Canalicular Stone Removal

External DCR

Endoscopic DCR

Eyelid Cleaning Steps for Controlling Blepharitis

Cleaning the Eyelid Margin in Blepharitis

Chalazion Incision and Curettage

Management of Dry Eyes and Eye Discomfort in Graves’ Disease

Patient Thyroid Eye Disease Testimonial: LaQuilla

Emotional Impact of Thyroid Eye Disease

Patient Newsletters

Before and After Photo Gallery

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