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You may think your dry eyes are caused by lack of tear production, but the most common cause of dry eyes is tears that are evaporating too quickly. This is caused by a condition called meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). MGD occurs when the meibomian glands along the lid margin become inflamed and oil production (a natural healthy part of the tear film) is disrupted. The oil within the glands either get blocked, or comes out thick and crusty, further irritating the eye and leading to an unstable tear film and quickly evaporating tear film. Over time, the meibomian gland structure changes or dies off, leading to even worsening symptoms including dry eye disease.

An estimated 44 million Americans suffer from dry eye syndrome. Symptoms may include burning, stinging and fluctuating vision. Sara Turner, PA-C is specially trained to treat dry eye syndrome with a new device called iLux.

iLux starts at the source of the problem by delivering treatment directly to the blocked meibomian glands with the goal of clearing the blockages. This gentle, non-invasive, treatment delivers gentle warming and pressure directly to your eyelids to unblock meibomian glands. Treatment of both eyes only takes approximately 8-12 minutes.

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